Barefooter Giving Potentially Fatal Advice

by admin on April 30, 2011

This was recently brought to my attention.

Those with the vascular and neuropathic complications of diabetes are at a significant risk of amputations with death as a fatal complication of that. They need to take special care to avoid any trauma to the lower limb. For this reason all the guidelines from all the national organizations around the world are that these people should be wearing shoes around the home to prevent the kid of trauma that leads to these potentially fatal complications.

Imagine the outrage when a barefoot fanatic was advising those with diabetes to go without footwear when a question was asked at Yahoo Answers about this. Fortunately the absolute fool that advised that was told in no uncertain terms how dangerous the advice was.

Luckily they did withdraw the advice when their idiocy was pointed out to them. What is does show is how blindly they promoted their barefoot agenda without did not stop to think about the consequences. This was no doubt dangerous. Kudos to those who responded to this irresponsibility at Yahoo Answers. Also what was telling was the deafening silence from the barefoot community in coming forward to condemn the potentially fatal advice being given.

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