Enough is Enough

by admin on January 28, 2010

Enough is enough. After being around the running community for many years, you soon get to notice that in general, members of the barefoot running community are not particularly bright people. They try to promote barefoot running as an alternative to the use of running shoes. To do this they grasp at straws, use nonsense arguments, misunderstand research and are not very rational in their approach. They believe everything they read unless its something positive about running shoes. They are fanatical. They are as bad as the loony left of politics and the radical religious fanatics (they are probably vegetarians too!). Because of that they cannot take part in reasoned discussions or debates about barefoot running and use tactics worse than politicians to avoid answering the questions asked of them.

I am not talking about the occasional barefoot runner or the runners who use a small amount of barefoot running as part of a balanced training program. I am talking about those who use the “philosophy” of “barefoot running” and try to impose it on others. Someone has to keep them accountable for the nonsensical unscientific mumbo jumbo that they espouse.

This site will systematically deconstruct the claims made by barefoot runners. If you follow some of the debates on barefoot running you will see the fools they make of themselves with the claims they make. As soon as you deconstruct one argument, they throw up another equally bad one. They then usually have a dummy spit and start name calling. They really just do not get it. Hopefully this site will help them get it.

Hate mail can be sent here: info@runningbarefootisbad.com

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