VIVOBAREFOOT, hang your head in shame

by admin on January 28, 2012

A recent study in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise compared the injury rates between forefoot strikers and rearfoot strikers showed that there was a higher injury rate in the rearfoot striking group. Here is how Vivobarefoot and several other blind barefoot runners interpreted this study:

Memo to Vivobarefoot:

  1. What makes this an official study? It is no more “official” that any other study ever published!
  2. The study was retrospective. You need to look up the difference between retrospective and prospective study designs. Retrospective studies actually prove nothing!
  3. It was done on almost elite level college runners. You cannot generalize the results of that to non-elite runners!
  4. It was not even on barefoot running! They were all wearing shoes!
  5. I assume you are not aware of all the issues that have been raised in a number of places now re the way the statistical analysis was done that raises some questions about the results.

Hang your head in shame for the way you have interpreted this study. The barefoot community should be embarrassed by this intellectual dishonesty if it want to be taken seriously

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