Why I Chose to Remain Anonymous

by admin on April 1, 2010

I have chosen to remain anonymous for one main and one minor reason.

The main reason is that I wanted to make this site about the issues and not the person. I wanted to expose barefoot runners for the claims they make and not who they are. One thing you learn really quickly about the barefoot running community in general is that when they are challenged they show a remarkable ability to avoid the message and go after the messenger.

For example, I have even seen one commentary on barefoot running attacked because of the physique of the person doing the writing was not the physique of a runner! How low is that? See how low they stoop? What has someone’s physique got to do with it? We can only assume if this is the only refutation of the issues raised, they obviously could not refute the issues. I have also seen another attempt to refute a different critique on barefoot running by attacking a couple of spelling mistakes in the article. See how they cleverly diverted attention away from their inability to actually refute the critique. There are numerous more examples I can use, and you want to see some of the emails I get!

I have had emails demanding to know who I am. I have also had emails making all sorts of nonsensical claims (I will have fun addressing those on another day!). I have had NO emails addressing the issues. If you think that by remaining anonymous hurts the credibility of what I write, then so be it. I prefer to make it about the issues and not the person. I could have posted under a fake or made up name and then suddenly I have some credibility – but the issues I write about are still the same! See how silly the claims about my anonymity are? One thing that all those barefoot bloggers and forum posters who have attacked my anonymity have shown is that they cannot address the issues (if you do not believe me, then check them out). Rather than attack my anonymity, how about addressing the issues, for example:

None of these questions or issues have anything to do with my identity.

The minor reason I have chosen to remain anonymous is that I do participate in several running forums and my identity is no secret. I did respond once to a barefoot runner who posted some nonsensical interpretation of some research that did not come close to showing what they claimed (they do this a lot). I politely pointed out that they were wrong and why they were wrong. All hell then broke loose. They went ballistic. They did not like to be publically made a fool of. They went after me. They literally stalked me into every thread I posted a message in, no matter the topic. They were soon banned from the forum. They rejoined twice more (against the forum rules) to continue stalking and harassing me and were promptly banned. They then  found my email address and followed up with abusive emails to me; they even went as far as finding out which college I went to and made comments on that! After a while, they obviously tired of it, but not before I involved the police. I am sure the barefoot running community in general would not condone this kind of behaviour, but this is the level that some nutters go to.

Stick to the issues. They are more important than worrying about who I am.

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